Your name: Dana Germano

Your major: Computer Science


Please list a few of your interests, sports you play, or other activities you’re involved in (on or off campus).

I am a scene design technical assistant in the theatre department and I am vice president of Culture Couture on campus. I also TA for Computer Graphics and I am co-E-Week chair this year for the department.

Why are you taking this class? What do you most want to get out of it?

I am very visual and I thought it would be fascinating to explore creative applications of technology.

Are there any particular topics or techniques that you’re hoping to learn about in this class?

Nothing in particular…

In your opinion, what makes a work of art interesting, worthwhile, or compelling—to put it simply, what makes a work of art good?  Why do you feel this way?

Good art should inspire some kind of emotional response from the viewer. Whether it evokes anger, sadness, or happiness, good art, to me is as important as any other subject of study because it helps us communicate.

Email address:


Cell phone number: 856-266-3831


Cell phone service provider: AT&T


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