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Our group chose to focus on a vehicle of a yacht in the arctic. What is interesting about this is the fact that we chose these two in tandem because we felt as though we were “solving the Titanic” so that the yacht may not ram itself into icebergs, but rather scale over them with cramp-on type feet and hinging legs, another extra unique element to our vehichle. Our character was James Bond, which is perfect for the lavish vehicle of a yacht, and it was interesting building such a large space for use by only one individual.  The renderings I chose in the order I chose to display them reprensent someone moving through the space with the yacht in the water. Suddenly, it releases into “leg mode” and has a duck-type look with its legs floating beneath it. Then we slowly begin to see the vehichle move closer to the iceberg and begin to climb and we once again get the feeling of moving around in space due to the order in which I chose to display the images and shots.


Team 3:  Project Paragraph

My group chose to design and model a boat equipped with ice-climbing legs for James Bond traveling in an Arctic environment to stop an evil villain’s plan of speeding up the process of global warming with his sinister global temperature decimating satellite.  We chose a yacht combined with these special gadgets because we felt the vehicle was interesting and would be something that James Bond would use (given by Q) to travel such an environment.  James Bond’s personality permeates the boat, ranging from the integration of class and modernism to style and sleekness.  The Martini glass is one example of the “class” inserted into the deck of the ship.


The primary inspiration for the vehicle in this project was a yacht. This particular type of boat was chosen because it was one of the vehicles least likely to be found in the Arctic, which is our chosen setting. The yacht was chosen specifically because it is a luxury craft whose purpose is to transport wealthy and important people in style. We designed this boat for James Bond, who would not travel in any watercraft less capable of conveying sleekness. James Bond’s usage of high technology was made evident by the futuristic controls used to control the yacht, as well as the fact the vehicle itself is a feat of engineering—it has legs! The legs were built to give the yacht the ability to walk up and over icebergs and glaciers, a common occurrence above the Arctic circle. Because Bond is famously suave and manly, we included a lush bed and relaxation area in the bridge of the yacht. Bond would also not travel to such a horrible place willingly—he must be there for a reason. This reason is the presence of a villain, made apparent by the scary-looking satellite dish shining a laser into the sky. The “story” presented in this project is that James Bond is traveling to the Artic to take down an enemy. To do so, he utilizes his climbing yacht. Afterwards, he relaxes in his luxury vehicle.


The vehicle rendered was a yacht that was designed for James Bond and the Arctic Ocean. It features legs that allow it to climb on ice, and avoid another Titanic-like disaster. Probably the most interesting feature is the legs that protrude from the bottom of the boat. They resemble insect legs and would allow the boat to climb on icebergs like an ant over a rock. Inside the cockpit, there is a Jacuzzi, several couches, and a bed, designed in a manner that would make James Bond proud. Also included is the jet ski, which would normally be stowed aboard.


shot_1 shot_2 shot_3 shot_4 shot_5 shot_6 shot_7 shot_8 shot_9 shot_10


lolwutseat view2 seat viewfront cockpit.6 side boat berg  legs.4side view.10  heading for home    heading for berg   ducky-inglook no legs!


action_shot_1 action_shot_2 action_shot_3 action_shot_4 action_shot_5 bond_bot bond_bot_2 bond_bot_3 satellite_on_glacier satellite_on_glacier_2 satellite_on_glacier_3 satellite_on_glacier_4 satellite_on_glacier_5 ski_1 ski_with_bot_1 ski_with_bot_2 action_shot_6 action_shot_7 action_shot_8 action_shot_9


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James Bond












Grappling Function

Martini glass


red button

Red Button


Modern style


Leg inspiration