123D Make

Andrew Scott Digital Sculpture Blog

Andrew Scott Flickr Page

Art21 – this site has an excellent collection of video interviews with contemporary artists

Art Careers –  a resource I created to help art students with professional development


> Bucknell Events Listings and Calendar

>  Film and Media Studies at the Campus Theater

> Samek Art Gallery Blog

> Stadler Poetry Center

> The Weis Center

> Theater and Dance Events

AutoDesk Software- free student downloads

AutoDesk Character Generator

Colossal – Art and Visual Ingenuity – Awesome collection of inventive works of art

Computer Aided Product Design course website (taught by Andrew Scott at SCAD)

Daniels Digital Sculpture Enlargement

Diatom Studios- Sketch Chair and other projects

DIY 3D Laser Scanner- David Laser Scanner

Gradebook – follow this link to check your attendance record and grades for this course

HandyScan 3D Handheld Scanners

Library books – list of books that Prof. Meiser has put on reserve for this class (great place to find artists for presentations, and artworks for art reports Tutorials on Rhino

Next Engine 3D Scanner

Rhino Advanced Video Tutorials

Advanced Architectural Studio class website (rhino tutorials, etc.)

Rhino News

Rhino 5 Website

Rhino Gallery

Rhinoceros Report (a collection of tutorials for improving your skills)

Sculptris– model by pushing and pulling a sphere (not ideal for prototyping- slow modeling, bad geometry, and easy to mess up)

Shapeways- If you can model it, they can print it

SketchUp 3D Warehouse

SketchUp Blog- Aidan Chopra


Zomes- Rob Bell



Ai Weiwei – artist

Alice Aycock – artist

All Electronics – find cheap electronic components for your projects here

Andrew Musulo – artist

Anish Kapoor – artist

Andrea Keys – artist

Anselm Kiefer – artist

Anthony Gormley –  artist

ArtLex Art Dictionary – good place to look up art terminology

Art Forum – art magazine

Barbara Kruger – artist

Bitforms Gallery – gallery focused on art that includes emerging technologies

Bruce Nauman – artist

Bruce Nauman’s “Clown Torture”

Cai Guo-Qiang – artist

Cameron Crawford – artist

Ceal Floyer – artist

Celeste Boursier-Mougenot – artist

Chen Wenling – artist

Christian Moeller – artist

Cindy Sherman – artist

Clifford Owens – artist

Colossal – Art and Visual Ingenuity – Awesome collection of inventive works of art

Corey Arcangel – artist

Creative Time – An agency that commissions public art. Their website has an interesting collection of projects they’ve supported in the past.

Damian Hirst – artist

Dana Schutz – artist

Dr. Evermor – artist

E-Flux Do It – manual of performance art projects

Erwin Wurm – artist

Famous Accountants Gallery

Folkert de Jong – artist

Kenji Yanobe – artist

Jason DeCaires – artist

Jim Lambie – artist

Jonathan Meese – artist

Laurel Nakadate – artist

Lucy Raven – artist

Marianne Csaky – artist

Mass MOCA – contemporary art museum in Massachusetts

Matt King – artist

Matthew Barney – artist

Matthew Barnnon – artist

Matthew Day Jackson – artist

Mika Rottenberg – artist

Miranda July’s “Hallway”

Neri Oxman – artist

New York Times: The Arts – find reviews of current art exhibitions

Phaidon – has published a number of outstanding books on various art topics

Phil Babot – artist

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping – collaborative art group

Robert Gober – artist

Ryan Trecartin – artist

Smoothon – seller of moldmaking supplies

Sculpture Center – institution in NYC that commissions new sculptural work and presents exhibitions

Sudarshan Shetty – artist

see also

Stelarc – artist

Sterling Ruby – artist

Street Art Utopia – blog focused on public art

The Yes Men – artist collective

Theo Jansen – artist

Thomas Hirschhorn – artist

Tim Hawkinson – artist

Tom Sachs – artist

Tom Sachs’ “10 Bullets” – rules for artists to live by

Tracey Emin – artist

Tracey Snelling – artist

Vito Acconci – artist

Wim Delvoye – artist

Zhang Huan – artist