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We used Scooby Doo van and an excavator machine. We chose this vehicle because we could not decide for a final concept. At the end we decided that each one of the group will decide one aspect of the project. Tali chose scooby doo, jordan chose the type od device and I chose hell.
We came up with different models. We assumed that hell is undergound.


In a combination of several eclectic elements from various sources this project focuses on a vehicle designed to transport the gang from Mystery Inc. through Christian Hell (Read – Fire and Brimstone). To accomplish this goal several inspirational vehicles were used including an RV, a small omni-directional robot, and an earth boring drill. The overall combination of these somewhat disparate elements resulted in the object pictured here, a large rolling home for the gang equipped with navigation, lights, and some solid robotic arms to combat a variety of situations. The purpose of this vehicle is not only to allow safe exploration, but a divide and conquer strategy as Fred exclaims, “Let’s split up, gang!” 


Team 1 created a vehicle for Scooby and the Gang! When considering the famous individuals we created a list of constraints that would fit their needs.  The vehicle had to be large enough to fit the team and it needed to be able to go with them on their wacky adventures.  We designed a vehicle that could be used in hell.  Our renderings also include a staging environment where the vehicle would be housed when it is not being used.  The vehicle had to be able to drive on rough terrain and help the group find bad guys while keeping them safe.  We created a van like vehicle with a smaller car that could detach from an RV.  The small car is able to drive off to explore while the RV is stationed safely, housing the gang’s costumes and investigating equipment.