What question/problem did you choose?

How do we make it through all of the challenges of life? Where does our strength come from?

Tell why you chose this topic and why it matters to you.

In my life I have struggled with a lot of different things. Sometimes it feels as if everything and everyone is trying to bring me down, including my own body. It is like I am constantly carrying around the weight of mental illness, physical illness and just general tragedies. Yet I know that still a lot of people have it worse off than me. I want to examine what is that keeps us going through the worst of times. Where does our strength come from?

Give some details on the problem/question—explain it in depth.

Everybody faces challenges in life. It is part of what makes life interesting. We carry around our successes and failures with us and hopefully learn from them. As many struggles as we face, people keep going until they eventually die. When we die, it is not only a release from all of our problems, but also a release from all of the good things that keep us going. Then some would say we are reborn, only to start the balancing act of life all over again. This is best summed up by the Buddhist philosophy of Samsara or the endless cycle of suffering. Of course, views on life/death and rebirth vary amongst cultures and people, but the ups and downs of life occur everywhere in the world. Everyone carries the past with them.

List out 10 tangible people/places/things that are associated with your question/problem.

  1. Family lifeimages
  2. Mental Illnessima1ges
  3. Expectations of Successdownload
  4. Relationshipsimages (1)
  5. Friendshipsimages (2)
  6. Death of loved onesdownload (1)
  7. Petsdownload (2)
  8. Bullyingdownload (3)
  9. Identity Formationimages (3)
  10. Support Systems download (4)