For this project I chose the problem of addiction. While a wide variety of addictions exist, the most interesting and difficult ones are those which are unconscious or widely accepted. Most everyone is familiar with drug and alcohol addiction, frustrating and sometimes devastating conditions which can damage relationships and families as well as causing other societal problems. It seems that even those whom we hold up as role models are not free from the temptations of addiction which further perpetuates the culture of such actions.

The most potent addictions, as stated above, are the subconscious ones. Most recently “tech addiction” has come into its own as a major problem for some, and its persistence is a mark of just how easy it is to fall prey to something simple. Imagine the difficulty some have with relinquishing their phones for an hour or two, avoiding their email for a day, or staying off the internet for a week. For some people it is almost impossible to the point wherein the thought of it can cause some people incredible stress.

Even more painful are addictions which affect emotional ties. Many have heard of or experienced the feeling of an addiction of the heart. Often we encounter friends who seem stuck in abusive or horrible relationships and, while we might see the situation relatively objectively, they appear unable to see as we see. Herein is the most potent addiction, love. This is not to say that all love is some kind of terrible addiction, but that some love interests follow the pattern of addiction almost to a tee. Read “Of Human Bondage” and relate it to one of your friends with a bad relationship; therein is the plot. Can we see the effects of addiction? Yes. Can we empathize with addiction? Yes. Would we ever admit to being addicted to something? Denial.


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