Title of Event: Visit to the Frick Museum

Date and time of event: Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Location of Event: Frick Museum, New York City

Type of Event: Visit to the Frick – viewing of permanent collection and new Don Quixote special exhibit

1.) Provide a brief detail-oriented technical description or summary of the event you attended. (This section should remain journalistic and should not be reflective of your opinion.)

The Don Quixote exhibit features several tapestries featuring the hero of the Cervantes books.  Also, there is a collection of woodcuts and etchings that show the hero and explain the influences behind the creation of the tapestries.  Each work had a description of what was featured and where the depiction came from in the Don Quixote storyline.

2.) Use the section below to write a well-structured paragraph focusing on your personal criticalinsight / response to the event. How did you interpret or react to what was presented to you?

This exhibit was interesting to say the least.  However, it lacked what was supposedly the featured element.  There were only five tapestries that were featured and the vast majority were etchings and woodcuts.  While some of the tapestries were visually beautiful and quite colorful, they lacked real technique.  They were merely depictions / reproductions of the surrounding woodcuts and etchings.  Other than this exhibit, though, I enjoyed the rest of the museum.  I have been to the Frick several times and regularly go to see the paintings of Turner, Constable, and the famous works such as the painting of George Washington, which is perhaps the best known work depicting the President.

3.) What information, ideas, images, etc. most impressed you and why?

Frankly, I was left unimpressed with the Don Quixote tapestries.  However, I am still baffled with the beauty of the Turners.  Turner has been my favorite artist for a very long time and his works always fill me with a sense of wonderment.

4.) Overall, how would you rate this event (10 being the most worthwhile)?
(10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 )


5.) Justify your rating in the question above:

I had originally gone for the special collection, which I feel really let me down.  However, the etchings that were shown next to the tapestries were quite beautiful.  Also, the rest of the museum, as always, was wonderful.