Title of Event: Gregory Porter

Date and time of event: Friday, Feb. 20, 7:30 p.m

Location of Event: Weis Center

Type of Event: Jazz Concert

1) Provide a brief detail-oriented technical description or summary of the event you attended.

The event features Jazz artist Gregory Porter singing some of his songs, including ones  in his famous Liquid Spirit.

2) Use the section below to write a well-structured paragraph focusing on your personal critical insight / response to the event. How did you interpret or react to what was presented to you?

While I am personally not too music literate, I really enjoyed the Jazz performance by Gregory Porter and his band. Porter has a strong and deep voice, yet doesn’t have any rupture when he raised his pitch, making himself a really smooth singer. The smooth voice really helps the melodies trickle down and penetrate deeper into the audience. His songs usually talk about his own struggles and emotional immediacy. For example, in his song “I Fall In Love Too Easily,” he talks about how easy he is to tall in love, and how terrible, yet irresistible it is, and how he hates all the copy and paste pattern happening to himself again. And because he usually made such a big deal out of his own emotion, or because he made things go too hard and intense, his love usually doesn’t last. Till the end of the event is more songs in his newest album “Liquid Spirit,” which demonstrates a playful personality and the mood of enjoying life. These songs usually contain playful melody, interactions with the audience and really long instrumental solos. His smooth voice, once again, contributes, in a weird and unique way, to create a playful but not overly optimistic mood to the song.

3) What information, ideas, images, etc. most impressed you and why?

I was most impressed by his voice. He really has one of the smoothest voice I ever listened to and he is still able to retain strength and depth in the voice.

4) Overall, how would you rate this event (10 being the most worthwhile)?
(10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 )


5) Justify your rating in the question above:

Overall, I really enjoy the concert by Gregory Porter. Not all the songs in the concert are good so that I could give a 10 to the event.