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Title of Event: Student Art Exhibition at the Samek
Date & Time of Event: Friday April 17th 7-9pm
Location of Event: Samek Art Gallery
Type of eventArtist talks and reception

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Title of Event: Bison Sound Festival
Date & Time of Event: Saturday April 18 4 pm
Location of Event: Sojka Lawn
Type of eventMusic and Art Festival


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Title of Event: The Hunting Ground film screening and Q&A with director

Date & Time of Event: Thursday April 16th 7 pm

Location of Event: Trout Auditorium

Type of eventFilm Screening

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This is the 3d rendering of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.Out of all three softwares, this was definitely the easiest to use. It did however, create a bump on the front part of the object.

photo 1

This is the 123D catch image. Even though I took as many photos as possible, the app captured the front part of the image but the whole back side was empty.









Rendering 1 rendering 2 rendering 3

I started this project Princess Diana as my main subject. However, as I continued the project I realized I was hitting a wall because I had a difficult time coming up with a “harsh” environment. Then decided to start from scratch and decided to go with SpongeBob. I watched SpongeBob for a long period of my childhood and felt that this would be a great opportunity to pay him a little homage. SpongeBob is a very interesting character because since he is in fact a sponge, he must always be surrounded by water or less he won’t survive.  Due to this inconvenience, SpongeBob does not enjoy the perks that dry-land has to offer. I immediately thought of a snow-globe and my whole design took off from that idea. I wanted to recreate his home environment so that the globe would not just have a technical function so I included not only his home but also his neighbor’s houses as well as vegetative motifs.  I also focused on the internal environment rather than on the external because he would be spending all if not most of his time inside the globe. The globe functions as an over -craft vehicle capable of remaining wet inside while still being able to navigate on dry land. Widgets inside the globe include large touchscreen flat screen that controls the vehicle’s function and a Wii game console.


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Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.36.04 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.36.36 AM

Immediate Response

When I first look at these images from Helen Marten’s A.M installation, the first thing that comes to mind is food and the way that is it presented. I see eating utensils, a paper cup inside a broken bowl, an aluminum container that she transformed and used it as the head of a banjo, all surrounded by dried vegetated motifs and a clear plastic bag. It almost seems as though Helen picked random and disposed elements and combined them to together to create this installation.

Objective Description

I find this installation contradicting because it is not your typical clean and ideal representation of food. The utensils are dirty, the napkins used to make the paper cup are used, and there are  signs of a dried liquid stains inside the banjo. What is unique about this installation is it’s title and the contradiction created by the uncleanliness of a morning meal.

Technical Decisions

The materials used in this this installation are not intricate or fancy. They are simple and sometimes random objects that she puts together in order to create the idea of food and how its unusual representation. She used pieces of shaved and broken wood to create the neck of the banjo. She also scattered dried fall-type leafs and flowers around the paper cup and the banjo. In the banjo, these leaves are held together by a clear plastic bag.

The Work in the World

Helen Marten challenges our typical ideals around food. By reading the title or simply giving a quick glance at this installation, we immediately know that the main topic of her work is food. However, what is interesting about this is that Helen moves away from depicting a grand and clean representation of this concept and shows us just the opposite. In today’s modern world, we insist on representing food in its prime, its freshest, and most aesthetically pleasing form. Social media platforms such as Instagram have encouraged this behavior. If you didn’t Instagram what you had for lunch, was it actually that beautiful and tasty? Did it actually happen? Also her interplay of different artifacts plays on the idea of recycling and using objects that we take for granted and often discard to create innovative objects just like she did with the banjo.

The Story it Tells

As a whole, Helen Marten’s installation appears to be a banal representation of food. She takes a concept so revered and glorified and transforms it into something completely different. She refutes and challenges the conventions around food and shows us that food and the whole concept around it are not always so pretty. Also, her insistence to use random and trash-like items to create new ones accentuates and creates awareness around the importance of  recycling.