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Title of Event: 101 Theather show
Date & Time of Event: Friday April 11th 7:30-9:30pm

Location of Event: Harvey Power

Type of eventPlay


Title of Event: Bison Sound Festival
Date & Time of Event: Saturday April 18 4 pm
Location of Event: Sojka Lawn
Type of eventMusic and Art Festival




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I fully agree with Bryn’s suggestion that the post human era is marked by corporate domination and ideological mechanization. Generally speaking skyscrapers exist because of capitalism otherwise the land value wouldn’t be high enough to put 90 floors on it to make it profitable. There is a massive army of architects designing these structures. Chrysler building for example, I think is so well done that it became a symbol not even mentioning the eagles that were perfectly placed. Big art is purchased by the big and for 21st century that’s corporates unlike in the past for queens and kings.   Similarly Mullins who has many prosthetic legs, is portrayed as not only beautiful but also powerful, she is more than just human in Cremaster. I looked up Aimee Mullins online and I think she is no different than any other model but one difference she is a post human model. Prosthetic legs are not attainable for all for the most people but they were made for Mullins. While Mullins was saying that she had a dozen pairs of legs and she could create anything there she was so confident she could afford it, there was no limitation. I believe that the problem itself she portrays herself as post human just because she has the privilege to obtain those gadgets. That is a huge market, and by adding more value, meaning to it; she might be creating a social stigma.  Beauty being commercialized successfully now, the corporates are taking the next step.

On the other hand, I believe the technology helps us to shape the space for this case the legs. I think it is amazing we can do it, I just genuinely believe that it should not be seen filtered from all the social implications. She is a white, blonde, good looking woman. I just wonder why didn’t put a black woman with prosthetics there.




Immediate Response:

I asked myself “What is this 30 minute long thing?”. I most certainly did not enjoy what I have seen. It seemed so out of the reality that the story was casted in a place where nothing made sense. Music selection affected the way I looked at different sections of the video. For example the the music that was overlapped for first 5 minutes really irritated me. It didn’t have smooth harmony whatsoever but a messy set of sounds in an endless manner.  I believe it is chosen to be that way since it is hard to achieve such chaos without aiming for it.

Objective Description:

The video took place in Guggenheim Museum. The apprentice, the pink male with Scottish Kilt and bloody cloth in his mouth is the main character. In the floor ground by the pool the topless ladies are making the start. In 5 different stories there are 5 different characters are set.  The first Level had the bunny ladies dancing. The second floor had the punks followed by the tiger lady in the third floor. Fourth floor was composed of building materials that needs to be done in a specific way but it was unclear. Fifth floor had the man throwing wax at a black substance he set up.

Technical Decisions:

The costume selection for the piece was very vibrant both in terms of colors chosen and the forms of the clothing. However for the top floor and the second floor where the world we know might be placed in had a more ordinary scene. I think the camera angles were used appropriately, many different angles yet it was clear that the artist didn’t want some documentary style. He showed what he wanted to in a moderately descriptive manner.

The Work In The World:

I don’t know if this work has any work in the world I want to be in. I don’t know how to make sense out of it. It is really hard to follow and frankly I don’t think it adds anything the world. The piece could be used in music classes to demonstrate how overlapping different songs could end up.

Story it Tells:

I could follow that  the apprentice needs to go all the way up and get challenged by different problems. Since he doesn’t interact with Richard on the top floor I am not what is going on there. When he completes the cycle once he takes a bath and this crazy weird worlds keeps spinning in its own overlapping reality.



Event: The Oldest Living Things In The World

Location: ELC. 3rd floor


Type: Samek Art Gallery








Event:  Esther Traugot: Arboretum

Location: Down town

Date: 17/Feb/2015

Type: Samek Art Gallery


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Immediate Response:

The fact that the older tree is broken makes this piece really special in my eyes. It is resting on the younger tree. It reminds me of the life cycle where the younger generation starts taking the control and takes care of the older generations. It also triggers the idea of support. The fact that the younger tree has most of its branches broken suggests a very strong storm; perhaps reflecting an economic crisis or another sort for man kind.

On the other hand the characteristic of wood are applied to steel in the fracture point with great detail. In addition to that the detail in form for the upper part of the tree makes me believe that he wants the audience to focus on the rapture and above rather than the base.

Objective Description:

The roots of the trees are not emphasized. The choice of material is also very dramatic, industrial level high carbon steel pipes are welded together to form a very organic shape. One can see the industrial baseline is secured with oversized bolts and screwed to the concrete foundation. It is clear that he doesn’t aim to hide the’ imperfections’ or inorganic forms where it connects to the ground.  On the other hand the detail level increases significantly after the fracture point.  Both younger and older tree are well polished, it creates an unusual affect with shades of the tree. The tips of the branches don’t seem as shiny unless there is a sharp light. The younger tree has much fewer branches and it seems that most of them are broken.


Industrial level steel pipes and wires are masterfully welded. The thinner parts of the tree were made from thinner tubes or wires and Mr. Paine bent the thinner branches in order to create an organic form. The level of detail in the fracture point points out that there must have been some sort of casting. He masterfully imitates the organic flow of a tree. However he doesn’t pursue an organic form in the base.  I think having a more organic form for the base would have been a good decision since it reunites the form tip to base. 

Material Choice:

He uses steel as the material.  Both tree and the steel are originated form earth so he might be transforming the inorganic qualities of steel into an organic one via imposing organic forms. In addition to that the steel is much more durable than wood so it enhances the work of art to be exhibited outside. Even though, the sculpture is really heavy (3.5 tons) the form is really slender.


The art work is exhibited in a public space very close to a modern art museum. I think that is the perfect location since it still resembles the museum but it is in a free space with no boundaries or rules.  One is free to experience the details and physical properties of the sculpture without any consent. On the other hand, it may be due to the concern to exhibit the sculpture with real trees. By doing so the artist may be aiming to emphasize the contrast between the material properties.  On the contrary,  the size of the art work and the logistics might have been a major limitation for the project to be exhibited inside.

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Can one use a wacum to trace the lines from the image or draw curves spontaneously? if so how does the curve points work in that case?

How can we custom reset the gumball  exp: perpendicular to  a surface rather than axis?

Are blend tool and filletting similar if there is an edge or two surfaces intersecting?


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