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Title: No Title

Artist: Dimitrios Loumiotis

Attribute: I really like how the head is broken up into different parts; I want to take this idea and focus on a head/body that is made up of all the obligations someone has during a day, and have obligations that take up more time take up more of the body and vice versa.



What question/problem did you choose?

How do people balance the pull of all obligations they have in one day?


Tell why you chose this topic and why it matters to you.

As the semester comes to a close, I have a lot of obligations that need met every day. All of these activities require my investment of time, which is limited. It will be fun to examine how I balance all parts of my life and how each thing takes my attention at different parts of the day. This would allow me to take a macro look at what I am doing in my last couple weeks and analyse what it means to me. The list below in an insight into everything I have going on in my day. It shows that time management plays a huge part of my life, so it matters to me a lot.


Give some details on the problem/question—explain it in depth.

Each day comes with a new list of things to do and complete. For some people, they only have one thing to worry about, such as work. For other people, they are involved in work, classes, clubs, social scenes, etc. All of these various obligations require some extent of time each day. However, a day is limited to 24 hours. I want to delve into a person thinking, most likely myself, about all of their various commitments and how each one of them pulls your attention throughout the day. I may also want to look into how long someone focuses on each different activity and find a way to show that in my next project.


List out 10 tangible people/places/things that are associated with your question/problem.

1. Work obligations

2. Social groups

3. Clubs on campus

4. Sports teams

5. Greek life

6. Volunteering time

7. Family life

8. College classes

9. Relationship commitments

10. Time to yourself


In your post, please include an image for each of the 10 people/places/things that you listed above.


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Date: 4:00 pm, 4/18/15

Location: Bucknell University, Sojka Lawn

Title: Bucknell Art Collective’s 1st Annual Spring Art Show

Function: Bison Sound – Art Exhibition




Date: 1:00 pm, 4/18/15

Location: Samek Art Gallery

Title: Kaleidoscope

Function: Senior Student Art Exhibition



This was developed by K-Scan. Using 18 pictures of my head rotating around a point, K-Scan developed this 3D rendering of my head.


This was developed using Makerbot Digitizer. This did not turn out as well as I thought it would. Not very reliable.


This was developed using 123D Catch. I took about 17 pictures to get this 3D image. I tried two other objects previous. The first said the capture failed after processing. The second image, a tissue box, turned out really well. However, the program lost the image before I could take a screenshot of it. This program is not very reliable.


Even with this written explanation of Cremaster I still find the work confusing. I thought the author brought up very interesting points, but even as I read over parts again and again, I do not know if I am following their point as well as I should be. I believe Blyn means we have entered a post human era in ways that are shown with Mullins legs. Instead of having her crippled and on the ground, this lady, with no feet, stands tall and is beautiful. It is the work of art and machines that make her this way. In this same way, technology allows Mullin to be an architect of her own identity. Technology allows Mullin to build legs and walk, it empowers her. As a result she is not disabled but super-abled. Technology has changed her from deformed to whatever form she wants to be.

Blyn then moves on to suggest the post human era is marked by corporate domination. To this point I understand and believe fully. As quoted in the text, and I remember this statement in history, corporations are considered people. This is scary in that they have the rights of people, yet are somehow held to different standards that allow them to get past the law. There was a corporate bail-out by Obama for instance, but there was no bailout for the millions of people with foreclosed homes. Corporations are running the world now and will continue to into the post human era unless government officials are taken off corporate payroll.

In terms of augmenting the body, I think humanity is facing a loss as we choose to change our bodies more and more. Beauty is no longer born; it is created by doctors through surgery. And it is becoming less and less obtainable as advertisers create the perfect human in ads with the help of computer programs. As a result, only people with money can be beautiful and by that, a further gap between high society and low society is created.


Immediate Response

My immediate response to this video was wondering what I just witnessed. My mouth was wide open the entire time pondering what everything meant that was going on in the film. I have a lot of questions as a response to this video. Who was this pink man? Why did he kill the cheetah girl? How does this have to do with digital sculpture? Since this section is uncensored, I will mention that I thought it was a pretty terrible video that made no sense. I actually feel like I experienced some other person’s acid trip. I’m not sure how this is art.

Objective Description

The setting is inside a building with white walls, pillars, and many floors, all circular with an open middle. There are woman dressed in white thongs and white tape over their breasts, five in total. They spin around a circle shaped platform with five points on the ground floor, one point per girl. A man dressed like a Scottish person in a kilt, except he is completely pink, appears. He climbs the walls using carabineers, stopping at different floors. One floor has a screamo band playing for an audience. One floor has a girl dressed in all white. One floor has a man covered in metalwork gear throwing liquid at a wall.

Technical Decisions

I thought the material choices were very interesting for this video. One man is dressed in a kilt with a red cloth hanging out of his deformed bloody mouth. One girl was a cheetah, naked from the waist up. There were girls in the beginning barely covered at all, but wearing tiny bits of white. I believe the artist had an idea in mind with the materials and each outfit and material choice had a very important meaning behind it. I struggle to find that meaning, but at the very least the materials and costumes were very detailed and uniform between similar players in the film. I do think the different materials and costumes helped to differentiate layers the pink man approached on his journey through the floors of this building.

The Work in the World

There were some worldly references in this film. For one, there are many different types of people that emerge through the levels of this floor. There are girls in white that appear rich, clean and innocent. A man in metalwork clothing that does a meticulous task over and over again. There are tap dancers and a punk crowd. These groups are very polar from each other. Maybe this is trying to represent the different people in the world. There is also Scottish man that appears to be bleeding in the mouth. He beats a cheetah girl to death. Maybe this represents how hurt people take out their anger on animals.

The Story it Tells

After reviewing everything I wrote and analyzing the film even more, I think this film may tell the story of humans playing a game. The film starts off with the pink Scottish guy being introduced by the clean, beautiful girls as if he is starting something. Then he climbs up the floors, or levels, and does a task at each floor. Then he moves up a floor and does another task. At one point he can’t get a task complete so he moves on and goes back to it later. At another point he falls to the bottom, but then rises back up to the top. In the end he kills what seems to be his adversary, the cheetah girl. Therefore, I think it is telling the story of a game, like a video game, where there are levels to complete and how each level is different. Sometimes you get stuck, sometimes you fall, and there is always a bad person to beat in the end.  The liquid running down the drain during the film may represent the time limit.


















Immediate Response

My first response to this sculpture is whether it is a life size human with a large iPad, or a very small figurine with a normal size iPad. Either way, this inclusion of art and technology is very interesting. Eaton seems to have taking what appears to be a Buddha like figure and matched it with a new age technology. It is very current, hip, and if this was a real iPad docking station, as I think it may be, this would be something I could see in houses across the world. The figure is guarding the iPad and keeping it safe in a way.

Objective Description

There is a sculpture of a very rotund woman sitting down, legs crossed. Her back is hunched and her head is peering down. Her hair is in a bun. She is looking at a real iPad. Her eyes seem to be gazing into the iPad as if she is reading something on it or perhaps looking at her reflection. Her large arms go down along the side of her big belly. Her hands are gripping the side of the iPad at the bottom, as if to secure it. Her drooping, large breasts are resting against the bottom front of the iPad. There is a cord running out of the bottom of her. Her whole body is white like ivory.

Technical Decisions

Designed Orientation toward the viewer:

This work was definitely made to engage the viewer. The viewer is invited to participate in the art by physically plugging their technology, their iPad, into the actual art. It is interesting that the figure of the woman by itself could be considered art to many viewers. The woman is well crafted and well designed and could stand alone on a table as a decoration. However, the art is not finished without the human interaction of placing the iPad into the hands of the woman. Only then can she be complete and have something to look at as she passes through her day.

The Work in the World

The woman is a replica of the curvy forms and symbols of ancient Venus figurines. Apparently she is a goddess that helps the fertility of the technology age. In this sense, she has helped to birth the iPad to creation and helped its many improvements. This is very current and relates to modern day. Technology is a huge part of human experiences in life. Understanding the relationship to the goddess and the technology she is holding, I now understand this art to a new level. Also, modern ports for iPads and technology in general are very boring. This work brings creativity and art into the once dull charging station.

The Story it Tells

After analyzing the work of art some more, it became clearer what Eaton was trying to portray. As the goddess of the fertility of the technology age, the woman has been very busy over the last few years making all this new technology. Here, she is resting from a job well done. She is admiring the fruit of her labor in a way, and that is why she is gazing so intently on the iPad she is holding. She is looking at what she made and how far technology has come in the last few decades. Others might just see this as a “cool” charging port, but I believe there is so much more to the story of the lady then what is noticed at first glance.


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Event Type: Exhibit

Title: “Esther Traugot: Arboretum”

Where: Downtown Art Gallery

When: 3PM on Sunday, January 25th



Event Type: Art Gallery

Title: “The Oldest Living Things In The World”

Where: Samek Gallery

When: 2PM on Saturday, January 24th


I thought this tutorial was very interesting, especially since he only used a few tools and commands to make something pretty complex. Throughout this tutorial I did have some questions about what he was doing. It would also be useful to go over exercises with some tools he used that we have not done before.


If F3 brings up properties, what do the other F# buttons do? (besides F10 and F11)

I saw what Transform – Array – Polar does, but I don’t understand why those commands do what they do.

Questions on reviewing tools:

Can we go over making a split on an isocurve?

Can we go over Patch? It seems like a helpful tool to review.

Can we also review adjusting trim and join?



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Your name: Joey Stadel

Your major: Markets, Innovation and Design


Please list a few of your interests, sports you play, or other activities you’re involved in (on or off campus).

I like soccer, singing, and relaxing. I also enjoy helping the Civic Engagement Office by working at the Community Garden and Community Harvest.


Why are you taking this class? What do you most want to get out of it?

I am taking this class as my last MIDE elective in Design. I think it will help me in the creative world to design ideas I have, especially if I go into product development.


Are there any particular topics or techniques that you’re hoping to learn about in this class?

I want to be well versed in 3D computer sculpting


Bucknell email address:


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