I chose the myths and legends surrounding the Loch Ness Monster. Sometimes referred to as Nessie, this amphibious creature is said to live in the Scottish Highlands, specifically Loch Ness. It was first reported in 1933, by a couple named the Spicers. They saw the creature cross the road in front of their car when they were driving by the Loch. Since then, there have been many sightings that range in description of the beast. There have also been a few pictures and videos captured and expeditions organized to search for it. However, this modern-day dinosaur has eluded humans for generations.

I chose this story because I wanted the water strider to leave the traditional environment of the surface of lakes and streams. I wanted to the Loch Ness Monster to take him on an adventure and help him see he rest of the world. The monster can be dangerous to insects due to its size and the risk of accidental squashing, but otherwise he is a gentle giant that just wants to be left alone. This water strider, however, was lucky enough to get picked up and take a ride on the gentle giant.

In the story, the first moment of suspense comes as the Loch Ness monster creeps up behind the insect. By the ominous shadow under the water, one would believe the water strider is about to meet its end. But instead, his little hairy legs grab onto the scaly surface of the monster’s back and he a comes on the journey, enjoying the view of land from such a high vantage point. Finally, the water strider jumps down, landing in the puddle in the foot print of Nessie, and creates a home in this new exciting environment.

Obviously, I am taking creative license with the details of the story since there is no water strider mentioned in the eyewitness accounts of the Loch Ness Monster. But otherwise, I am sticking with the legends that claim it is a long animal that lives in both water and land.