The question that I choose is one of wormholes and black holes in space. We do not know much about black holes and exactly what happens as objects are taken into the black holes. Black holes are massive objects in space with such a massive gravitational pull that even light cannot escape its pull due to light being forced to follow the curvature of space. Similarly, there are worm holes which only exist in science fiction and theoretical physics. Our best guess as to what happens when an object approaches a black hole is the object is destroyed and crushed. As the object is drawn in closer, the gravitational field crushes the object as well as ripping the object apart, a paradox in itself. As a star is drawn into the gravitational field, the gases from the sun are ripped off of the surface and pulled into the black hole. Worm holes are objects where mass or energy can enter the hole on one side and be transported across time, space, or into parallel universes. Sometimes in science fiction there is a belief the black holes and worm holes are the same thing in the sense that objects pulled through a black hole are not destroyed and crushed by the gravity, but also transported as if going through a wormhole.  Worm holes and black holes are something that we can only explain in theory and not much is known about these objects in space, but science fiction stories have grasped onto these objects and since then, black holes and worm holes have become a staple in these stories.