One of the more interesting paradoxes I’ve come across is the time paradox. So for example if I go back in time and kill my grandfather before he meets my grandmother what would happen? If my grandfather never existed I would never have been born, so what would cause my grandfather’s death if this were to happen. There are several theories on what would happen should such a scenario occur. One theory is that several universes would be created from this event; one where I killed my grandfather and another where I did not exist. Another theory is the conservation of history. This theory states that events will happen and it will be in credibly difficult to change events. So going back to the original example I would not be able to kill my grandfather and I probably just won’t succeed, therefore history remains constant. The movie Time Machine explores this idea with the main character trying to save his fiancée from dying multiple times before giving up. One other theory that I would like to mention is that everything is predetermined. So think Harry Potter, the third book, where Harry and Hermione go back in time but they end up creating the events that occurred before they went back in time.


There are several movies that describe these events. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Back to the Future, and Time Machine are movies that explore these ideas. In addition a book series called The Dresden Files          also describes this paradox in further detail. From these movies, 10 easily recognizable things/people are Doc, Marty, the DeLorean, the flux capacitor, a steam punk time machine, a dual trail of flame, a flying train, the time turner, Harry, and Hermione.