For my narrative I decided to use Hannibal’s route as he traveled across land to attack Rome. Rather than move his fighting force across the sea and make his attack obvious to the Romans he decided to march his army across land, across the Pyrenees, through France (Gaul at the time) and over the Alps into the northern part of Italy. He started his attack leaving New Carthage in 218 BC and marched to Italy, losing many men to the tribes they had to fight through and the harsh conditions of the alps. Once Hannibal arrived in Italy, his campaign caused both the Carthaginians and the Romans heavy casualties, but thanks to the element of surprise and the position Hannibal took, his army had the advantage.  Finally at the Battle of Zama, the Romans managed to out maneuver Hannibal’s troops and force a surrender.

I plan to use Hannibal’s troops crossing the fields of Gaul, Hannibal’s forces crossing the Alps, and finally the Battles in Italy as scenes for my project.  For the part where Hannibal is crossing through Gaul, I plan to use a scene where the Wasp is feeding on the nectar of flowers. For the part where Hannibal crosses the Alps, I plan to use a scene where the Wasp is in flight over snow covered mountains with Hannibal’s armies below. Finally for the scene where Hannibal is at war with the Romans, I plan to use a Wasp attacking something with its stinger.