Example of how to submit artsXpose with the FORM option

For each artsXpose you complete, you may submit either a form OR a photo–it is not necessary to submit both.  Included below is an example of how you may submit artsXpose using the FORM option.  For the sake of efficiency, you may want to cut-and-paste the text below directly into your post and then appropriately revise the information.

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Title of Event: Bill T. Jones Lecture

Date and time of event: Monday January 30th 7:30 pm

Location of Event: Harvey Powers Theater

Type of Event: Guest Artist Lecture

1.) Provide a brief detail-oriented technical description or summary of the event you attended. (This section should remain journalistic and should not be reflective of your opinion.)

Bill T. Jones gave an hour lecture with almost a full half hour of questioning. During the lecture he spoke from memory and showed a 15 minutes video of one of his dances being performed by different dancers. He also showed brief examples of his movement throughout the lecture.

2.) Use the section below to write a well-structured paragraph focusing on your personal criticalinsight / response to the event. How did you interpret or react to what was presented to you?

It was clear that Jones was a stage performer. Even in a lecture he had an amazing presence and was very confident. I enjoyed seeing him show bits of his dance moves. He also told a lot of very interesting stories about both his dad and his long time partner. One thing that I found interesting was at the beginning of the lecture he talked a lot about being a part of a counter culture and pushing against society. He described how fruitful it was for him to live in an artist colony that had no concern for material success. However at the end of the lecture he was described some of his current financial realities and the trouble of maintaining a dance company.

3.) What information, ideas, images, etc. most impressed you and why?

I was most impressed by his presence, story telling, and his brief dance moves. They were all very clear but also very unique.

4.) Overall, how would you rate this event (10 being the most worthwhile)?
(10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 )

5.) Justify your rating in the question above:

I think for he was a really articulate speaker and was also entertaining. He also gave me two really valuable messages: don’t let yourself get in the way of the work, and why does it have to be anyone in particulars body?