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Title of Event: Respiration
Date & Time of Event: Saturday, April 23, 2015
Location of Event: Downtown Samek Art Gallery
Type of event: Sculpture exhibit


Title of Event: Bison Sound Festival
Date & Time of Event: Saturday April 18 4 pm
Location of Event: Sojka Lawn
Type of eventMusic and Art Festival


  • What question/problem did you choose?

I chose to ask if I would be able to sustain a business by utilizing only a 3D printer, a computer, and electricity to run it.

  • Tell why you chose this topic and why it matters to you.

I chose this topic because I am interested in the emancipation from normal career paths. The benefits that a normal 3D printer provide are significant and could perhaps be sufficient to develop thorough prototypes which could then be communicated to injection molding or even in-house production of products.

  • Give some details on the problem/question—explain it in depth.

I am currently developing a shot glass mold that could be sold to people and businesses. This mold is something that I have been able to manufacture through use of a 3D print which has then been filled with liquid silicon. This would be the final product for consumers. I want to learn more about other methods of creating molds by oneself with limited access to resources. It would be a unique capacity of the business already established to be able to sell to foreign locations by setting up booths with product to be purchased by consumers. It would be another way of advertising while I would be able to travel.

Current 3D printers are inexpensive and require only basic CAD programs to develop complex products to be printed. There are 3D printers sold as low as $300 but these often are wrought with problems or lack of accuracy to the original CAD file. There is a new 3D printer technology developed that utilizes UV light and photopolymer to create 3D prints. These prints are very accurate, however the cost of the 3D printer is around $3,500. The time for a 3D print varies by size and complexity but often runs are less than 10 hours, or almost the amount of time I would be sleeping. What is unique about the ability to make 3D print molds is that production can increase without having to wait the 10 hours. It would be an interesting idea to explore this as an actual means of sustaining a business that had a variable location.

Even small rural villages that had electricity that could be utilized over long periods of time would be sufficient to run a business entirely based off of 3D printing and casting molds. This flexibility is something I do not think has been adequately explored yet.


  • List out 10 tangible people/places/things that are associated with your question/problem. • In your post, plea
  1. UV 3D printer
  2. Inexpensive Printrbot 3D printer
  3. Mold for making a letter for a shot glass mold
  4. Other in-house molds
  5. Injection mold
  6. Rural community with electricity
  7. Spain with electricity
  8. Markets to sell products abroad
  9. Advertisement
  10. Exploration

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  1. Borrow a strategy

Artist: Norton Flavell

Title: Lucky Country Sculpture

I intend to borrow the juxtaposition between beautiful location with a non-intuitive object; in the case of the photo it is a ball attached to a chain that is lifted off the ground.

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My face 123D scan, program never finished


Pinecone from digitizer




Blyn suggests that the post humanera is defined by an industry that is dominated by corporate companies. Smaller groups in contrast, will not survive. This seems to be somewhat a representation of what hipsters often stand for, the minority against the majority. But, over time, it is inevitable the minority will be lost or become the majority, there will be few varieties of people that dominate.

With the use of technology, Mullins was able to attain enhanced human characteristics. I believe that technology will allow you to replace what you want on your body, but it will never be to the same level of what was organically made.

I think the post-human era is defined as something beyond humans. In a civilization in which technology reins supreme, it is likely that initially technology begins spread out to different companies, but over time, it is likely that the world would see the emergence of a few dominate companies. In comparison to modern day, Apple and Google began as small companies but over time have been able to rise to have a dominant role in the technology world.

I positively endorse enhancements to the human body for the pursuit of regaining capacity similar to other humans. I do not support the use of technology to enhance an individual beyond what he or she is naturally capable. I believe when technology is used to enhance one beyond normal capabilities, there is certain quality of natural life that is lost.

The idea bodies wanting construction and reconstruction of the posthuman era is a chilling parallel with any mechanical enthusiast, such as a car owner, of modern day. It seems very likely that once bodily enhancements become a socially admirable enhancement, the world will be lost to those tinkering with their own bodies to create the next best enhancement. It is scary to conceive the power that could be given to just one person.


Immediate Response:

This video reminded me of abstract art that doesn’t necessarily make sense as a whole, but when broken down makes more sense. The variety of clothes that were worn reminded me of the 70’s from the colors and patterns used.

I also focused on the artistic messiness that was displayed in both the clothes worn by actors and physical props. For example, I noticed how despite the appearance of nudity, the women in the beginning had applied tape to their nipples to censor them. This tape was not applied in a symmetric or thought-out method, but rather the tape seemed to be applied with little thought to its appearance and rather with a complete focus to cover the nipple. Similarly, the man in black throwing wax seemed to have some randomness or arbitrary method to how and where it was thrown.

I noticed how similar the women looked, camera shots from a distance made the distinct features of the women blur together. In contrast, all men in the video were distinct and easily distinguished. The women dancing as a group reminded me of old fashion dancing in musicals. The music that accompanied it with the saxophone also aligned itself to this older fashion feel.

Objective Description:

All actors are not making eye contact and project a stoic facial expression for all parts in space that they inhabit. Also, the way many actors were dressed did not resemble fashion that would normally be worn in other contexts. The man dressed in pink was the main character of the story and utilized largely as a method for seguing to the next scene in the video. He played the main role in the video, everything revolved around his actions and his interactions. The music aligned itself with the scene by changing its frequency and tone to instill a feeling for the scene. It was through this method of utilizing music that we came to understand how we should feel.

Technical Decisions:

The director had a purpose to each component of the video. There is a beginning and end to many of the scenes of the video. For example, the mostly nude women in the beginning of the video are shown walking back to the water later to indicate that they will be there until we are shown differently.

The man dressed in pink brings the viewer to the next scene so that the story flows together and doesn’t seem to be haphazard. The scenes shown to the viewer in which the man in the pink is not present indicate a more private occurrence. The man in the pink provides us with a feeling that now the whole audience understands.

The sound and its loudness are played with to indicate the focus of the video.  Vague sound of other floors can be heard which indicates the floor’s location with respect to the other floors. The movement of people in the scenes also leads to the feeling that is instilled in the viewer. For example, the scene in which the man in pink chooses the weapons, two competing bands loudly play cacophonous music while people run around in a confusing mess that is so disorderly that it requires people with “STAFF” imprinted on their shirts to keep it under control.

The Work in the World:

The work demonstrates the common story of a man rejected by a woman. Many men lust for gorgeous women but many are also turned down. Rejection hurts and causes men to react. These men struggle to feel better. Some go through great lengths to plot revenge, doing what they can to cause damage to the woman hurt them. There are competing emotions in any decision to this degree, confusion, and lots of anger. Some times the reaction doesn’t make sense but they begin to do something to make them feel good. They can be so focused on a specific woman that hurt them that despite being comforted by other women, they still remain angry. If the hurt man does decide to try to cause harm to the woman that hurt him, then this leads to hurt for all at the end. The woman forever feels the pain and is always part of the man’s thoughts. The pain never goes away from a decision to act on revenge, it only gets worse.

The Story it Tells:

The video is led by the man in pink. The story begins with minimally clothed women to represent angels to introduce the story. The man in pink leads the viewer on an adventure through the story. The man falls in love with a beautiful woman, but hurts him represented as a leopard, when she turns him down. He escapes but is hurt. He finds a stock of material and begins to pile it up. This piling of material shows his process of developing a means to achieve revenge. The man is awarded a cloth and baby white goats for not hurting the woman and leaving her, despite his continued anger represented by her appearance as a leopard in the video. He returns to obtain the weapons where the hard rock is more evidently composed of two competing bands. These competing bands represent ferocious emotions competing, one that is good, not to use weapons, and one that is bad, to succumb and follow the desire for revenge.

The man kills the leopard, a metaphor for a woman who hurt him. The man attacks her. Dark colored, somber goats are seen at the end once the leopard woman in shape of her human self, blind and clearly very injured. She has goats on a leash only on the green fabric that is distinct from the orange fabric that represents the man in pink. She is sitting with most of her body in the green fabric and what looks like a skeleton of her past in sitting in the pink fabric that had been with. The man throwing liquid wax at the top floor keeps track of time for the video. When the liquid wax has reached the bottom, it is the end of the video.


Event: The Oldest Living Things In The World

Location: ELC. 3rd floor


Type: Samek Art Gallery

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Title of Event: Time Travelers Ball

Date and time of event: 2/26/15 at 12’oclock

Location of Event: Samek Art Gallery

Type of Event: Fashion Show exhibiting wearable technolo

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Greyman Cries, Shaman Dies, Billwing Smoke, Beauty Evolved


Immediate Response

My immediate response to this was a generalization that everything in the art piece was the same smooth randomness. The smooth curves reminded me of dog poop. This art piece initially stimulated a feeling of almost disgust at the accumulation of these smooth tubular shapes. It, however, possessed something appealing about the way the material was accumulated. The shapes had a relaxing effect in that they exuded certain perfection in the confusion of their arrangement. It also elicited a feeling similar to that of a graveyard in the way the formations were erect, not curved formations. This stoic appearance of the formations made them feel like a guardian of something, hiding something, or representing something. One of the formations is wrapped in a smooth, consistent layer, that makes a smooth build up, like stucco of a house, looking like it was wrapped with this material.


Objective Description

As I looked closer, however, I became more aware of what the art piece was. Piles of smooth, similar diameter material were accumulated into a piles. These piles all had specific shapes. Some piles were arranged into shapes with sharp edges while others merely resembled pyrimads or cylinders. All tops of the shapes were flat. I noticed that there was a cylindrical pile with a white material surrounding it on the bottom. This white material looped around the base of one of the piles. All other piles are grey. Another pile is wrapped in smoother material, with some of its tubular formations exposed on one side of its shape.


Technical Decisions

Anish Kapoor arranged the piles so that your eyes naturally drift to the center right formation of a pyramid with a flat top. This is the shape that is wrapped in smooth tubular material, some of its uneven tubular network exposed on one side of the shape of the pile. This division, between the smoothness and unevenness of tubular material required special attention of the artist. The actual contents of the sides were less of a concern; it was rather the mere juxtaposition of the two ways the material could be arranged to make a pyramid with a flat top. The difference between the sides, however, also had to stay within certain artistic bounds that didn’t change the overall shape of the pile. The other piles have more continuous tubular formations on their side. Although the specific contortion of the tubular shapes in each pile were not as much of a concern for the artist, creating an overall shape that had discrete edges required more time to attain.


The Work in the World

After doing a little research into this piece I found that it was made with a 3D printer that deposited the material into the shapes we saw. It’s amazing that this was made with a 3D printer. Without looking into the technicality of how it actually was made, I can use my basic understanding of how a 3D printer works. I know that a 3D printer layes layer by layer. Culd this be different? Could this be something that just extrudes continuous tube? I think this method would make it impossible to achieve the shape contortion because of gravity and the time it took for the material to dry. If this was just made in a computer and the 3D printing was automated, planar layer by layer, then its amazing that someone is using the 3D printer to this scale. I have used a 3D printer to create small parts. The theory of a 3D printer can really be extended to any size, so its an artistic leap to magnify the size of the 3D printer to many square feet. This application of a 3D printer stimulated corresponding questions to what a 3D printer could evolve to be. If this machine is capable of making a layer that is stable enough for someone to walk on, then this technology could be the bridge to new platforms we’ve never experienced. What if the automation of the extruder escaped the defined channels that it currently uses to make prints? What if it could move itself into any context? What if it could elevate itself a little but then also climb up onto its own 3D printed constructions to start the next level? With very strong material, built with a very efficient machine, this could literally create bridges wherever it would like.


The Story it Tells

What seems most distinct about the middle pile that one’s eyes are naturally attracted to is the contrast from one side to the other. One side is made up of smooth and continuous material while the other is made up of more irregular tubular formations. This shape appears like its tubular formations were initially concealed with the smooth wrapping but over time the wrapping faded away and has exposed these irregular tubular formations on one side. All other piles in the room do not have this smooth side, therefore are already evolved piles. How does this evolution occur? Is it weathering or is it something else? In respect to the title, a Greyman seems to describe someone who is grey, which is often used to describe someone who is sad. The color of everything is also grey. Everything in the room is grey besides a white structure that is surrounding a cylindrical structure more in the background. This white structure seems to represent the dead shaman that, although knows the future, has still died. Its cause for death remains a mystery, but the white shape wrapped helplessly around the grey protrusion seems like it is surrendered to it. It is merely a puddle. It has no more life. The Greyman caused the death of the shaman from its cries. Smoke billowing up is represented as frozen in time by all of the tubular formations. The beauty is appreciated by trying to understand the work as a whole.


Can a projected shape only exist on a projected body or can it be separately removed?

What is the difference between blend and loft?

What does the history tab do?


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Your name:

Alexander Slavitz

Your major:

Mechanical Engineering

Please list a few of your interests, sports you play, or other activities you’re involved in (on or off campus).

Mountain biking, design, and traveling

Why are you taking this class? What do you most want to get out of it?

I’m looking into becoming a product designer so I want to learn more 3D modeling software besides just what I currently know, which is SolidWorks.

Are there any particular topics or techniques that you’re hoping to learn about in this class?

I’m hoping to learn how to render 3D models to make them look realistic and develop my creativity in digital space.

Bucknell email address:

Cell phone number:

(415) 328-9802

Cell phone service provider: