Dear Students,

I wanted to send a quick note to reiterate the importance of reading the T-Splines manual and watching the video tutorials available online. These resources were incredibly helpful to me as I was learning to use the software, and I think you’ll gain a good understanding of the program from them.

For getting started I suggest the basic tutorials at:  The sections titled “symmetry”, “adding more geometry to a surface”, and “removing geometry” will be particularly useful as you’re getting started with this first exercise.  On this page there are also videos on using the “set points” command and “retopo snap”, which we talked about today during class.

As you progress with your model, try to also watch some of the advanced tutorials available on this page:

Please take a look at the class calendar for instructions on submitting your weekend exercise.  Do let me know this weekend if you have any trouble with your models.  I’ll be happy to try to answer your questions by email, talk with you over the phone, or setup a meeting with you to talk in person.

take care,
Prof Meiser