By the start of class on Tuesday, 2/19, each student TEAM should do the following:

<1> Please review the grading criteria for this project if you have not yet done so:

<2> Prepare a 3-5 minute group presentation to tell about your vehicle’s design. This presentation will count toward your project grade. Presentations should be supported by visuals that are posted to the class website. Please put your post in your team’s designated category. Click here for instructions on how to post images to the class website. 

In this presentation your group should describe the vehicle that you intend to design.  Please cover the following points:

  • Describe the harsh environment that your group has selected, and key aspects of this environment that you were concerned with as you created your various sketches.  Please support with visuals.
  • Tell about the famous individual your group chose and how his/her attributes, preferences, or aversions factored into your design.  Please support with visuals.
  • Tell about the preexisting vehicle that has informed your design.  Please support with visuals.
  • Tell about changes to the design that your group has made through the various iterations you’ve created.  Support with visuals if possible.
  • Describe the unique features of your vehicle.  Support with visuals if possible.
  • Tell about any additional inspirational elements that will influence your team’s design decisions during development.  Support with visuals if possible.

<3> Create a SIMPLE Rhino model of your vehicle that includes all of the main components. This model will help your team conceptualize how the vehicle will look as a whole, and will help convey your design during your presentation.  If you’re able to create more than one version of this simple model then this would be an asset to your design process.

**Note: There is a “shared” folder in the digital sculpture netspace that will make it easier for team members to share files.  To find the folder follow this path: netspace > projects > digital sculpture > private > shared