A new plugin has been installed in BERT 012 that links Rhino and Keyshot.

A note from our IT staff: “When testing the plugin, I found that you need to have Keyshot running before using the plugin in Rhinoceros because the plugin asks for the Keyshot license server. This setting is automatically set when you launch Keyshot.”

Unlike other plugins, a KeyShot plugin only “links” the 2 applications together, rather than putting KeyShot inside the modeling application. This makes the installation and use extremely simple and efficient. Since the two applications remain separate, they can easily operate side by side.

Each plugin works the same. Simply open the model in the supported application, and look for the KeyShot button in the menu bar. Select “Render”, and follow the instructions on the screen. Within seconds, KeyShot will open and drop your design into the default scene. Apply materials, change the lighting, move the camera. Done!

With KeyShot 4, we have taken the plugins for Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks and Rhino to the next level. When you download the plugin for KeyShot 4, you can now link KeyShot and the CAD application together. Now you can continue to work on your design, and update the model inside KeyShot with a simple button push. All your materials, animations, lighting, camera – simply everything – will be maintained. Do this today, tomorrow, or next week. All you need to do is open your model in the CAD application, and the scene in KeyShot – and you are live linked!

Another great feature of the plugins for Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks and Rhino is that KeyShot doesn’t have to be installed to get your design out of the CAD application into KeyShot. Simple select the EXPORT button in the plugin menu, and all the geometry, structure along with colors gets exported to KeyShot’s native file format.