How did you split apart the T-splines surfaces for your pelican for keyshot? Converting the surface to NURBS and exploding does not seem like the best move for this.

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Hi Phil,

There are many different approaches that can work for splitting surfaces up, but I found a couple of methods to be particularly effective when I prepared my pelican model for keyshot:

1) If you want to split the surface in a way that works with your existing isocurves then you can run the “split by isocurve” command. On your left main Rhino menu you should be able to right click on the “split” button to initiate the “split by isocurve” command. You’ll then be able to drag the split boundary where you want it — note that you can toggle the U and V orientation.

2) If you want to split the surface in way that does not work with your existing isocurves then you’ll need to create curves on the surface of your model and use them to split it apart. To do this you can project curves to the surface, or you might also try interpolating curves on the surface (I had really good luck with this method around the pelican’s eyes and beak). I believe you can find this command in the left main Rhino menu– look under in the submenu associated with control point curves.

Please let me know if these methods help you achieve the result you’re looking for.

take care,

Prof. Meiser