Gulliver’s Travels (by Jonathan Swift, 1735) is a story about a man (Gulliver), who travels the world and finds himself in mysterious places. Most prominently, he travels to a land of giants, a land of very tiny people, a floating island inhabited by scientists, and a land governed by logically-thinking and English-speaking horses. In each of these and other places, he is initially captured and then utilized in some way, such as for entertainment, military use, or simple conversation.

The major events in this story are Gulliver’s travels themselves. It is interesting and exciting to read the descriptions of the people and society of each civilization he encounters. It brings to life what many people might daydream about:for example, what would it be like to be a giant in a land of 2-inch tall people? Gulliver fully takes advantage of the environments he finds himself in; he impresses the “tiny people’s” royal court by dashing over mountains, which to Gulliver, is simply jogging around. The climax of the story occurs when Gulliver looks back on his ridiculous encounters and rejects human society and his home of England, for what he now sees as equally ridiculous, and chooses to live by himself with horses.

I plan to have three scenes: 1) a tiny spider mite clambering over a rock (as we normally see them), 2) a huge spider mite walking over or approaching a city, and 3) a winged spider mite flying into the sky. The first two will resemble Gulliver’s travels to small and giant lands, while the third will show the mite’s utter rejection of reality (not having wings) and flying away.