For this project I chose the story of Aladdin. This story actually lends itself well to adaptation with the insect of my choice, the Red Spotted Purple. The butterfly has several larval (caterpillar) stages and finally emerges as a vibrant winged insect. In the narrative Aladdin meets a beautiful girl, falls prey to an evil magician, and makes deals with two genies. Different stages of the butterfly’s life cycle can be used to exemplify the characters in the story.

Some moments which would be thematically and visually appropriate are:

When Aladdin meets the genie of the ring

When Aladdin meets the genie of the lamp

When Aladdin moves from his small homestead to a vast mansion

When Aladdin meets the princess

When Aladdin is trapped in the cave of wonder and discovers vibrant and brilliant fruit like gems

For this story the main changes will be to appearance. Obviously it is not possible to make a beautiful caterpillar in the human sense, but it may be possible to make one that is very distinctive. Additionally, in the story the genie of the lamp is repulsive which is something that merits change for the final renders (Though there are two butterflies that are similar in shape but coloring differs. The less vibrant could be used as the “ugly” genie).