Biweekly.  Friday at 3:30 at 7th Street.    2/7,   2/20,   3/6,   3/20,   4/3,   4/17

TASKS for the semester

  • Become fluent in 3D printing by creating numerous test prints in the Digital Scholarship Center.
    • Start by printing a couple of files downloaded from the Google 3D Warehouse or the Thingaverse.
    • Preparing files for 3d printing is complex; watch this helpful video as you’re getting started:
    • Transition to printing from your own 3d scans and from the files I’ve included in this folder as soon as possible: P:\Meiser_Research\private\3D Printing
    • Please do some experiments with the dissolveable filament in the DSC.  It would be advantageous to be able to use it effectively.
  • Do several experiments with various types of 3D scanning.
    • Please do a few tests with each of the following: KScan, 123d catch, the Makerbot scanner in the DSC. Instructions for KScan are here:
    • 3D print some of your best 3d scan results.
    • Make notes on the reliability, quality, and limitations of each approach in your blog posts.
  • Support Professor Meiser’s Digital Sculpture class by printing their 3D body scans after the students turn their files in on March 26. Please try to have all of these prints finished by April 9.
  • Print out the Digital Sculpture students’ projects as needed in the last few weeks of the semester.


At the end of each work session please make a blog entry at: in the Lena category.  In each blog entry, please include the following:

  • List hours worked and the date (e.g. 6-8pm, February 5)
  • A description of what you worked on
  • Results (what you learned/accomplished)
  • Relevant high quality photo(s)


The Coleman 220 computer lab is equipped with Rhino and has good computers.  The schedule is posted here:

Before each Monday morning, please post hours for the upcoming week on the shared Google Calendar.  This will make it possible for Prof. Meiser to drop in to see how things are going when his schedule aligns.