* 2 ArtsXpose are due at midterm, 2 are due at final.  Not accepted late. *

ArtsXpose Learning Goals:

1. To familiarize students with local arts venues, resources and events.

2. To facilitate students’ critical awareness and their abilities to make meaningful connections between the various forms, media and formats found in theater, film, dance, literature and the visual arts.

3. To promote students’ active participation in the Art & Art History Department, Bucknell University, and the local art community.

Events that fulfill the ArtsXpose requirement include:

  • Visiting artist’s lectures
  • Exhibitions
  • Plays (college or professional NOT high school productions)
  • Films that are part of a university department sponsored film series (NOT films at commercial multiplexes)
  • Musical recitals or performances
  • Poetry/literary readings
  • Attendance of art club meetings (clubs may only count as one event regardless of the number of club memberships or the number of meetings attended during a term)
  • Arts related symposia, discussions or reading groups
  • Arts related conferences
  • Art events, demos, or workshops that are non-course related
  • Arts related fieldtrips (The Department of Art & Art History is taking a bus trip to New York City sometime this semester, and students are strongly encouraged to attend this trip as it will be a great opportunity to observe cutting edge contemporary artwork.  Attending this trip will count as two artsXpose assignments, and students in attendance will not be required to submit any documentation.)

Instructions for submitting ArtsXpose:

All ArtsXpose assignments will be submitted on the class website, but you can choose to either submit a photograph of yourself at the event, OR a detailed textual response to the event.

Click here to see an example of how to post using the FORM option

Click here to see an example of how to post using the PHOTO option


Regardless of whether you choose the form or photo option, you’ll need to begin by creating a post here on the class website, and to do so you can follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the site by going to: https://digitalsculpture.blogs.bucknell.edu/wp-admin/
  2. Create a new post by clicking at the top of the page on the “+ New” button
  3. Once the post screen comes up, check the “artsXpose” box to the right to put the post in the right category
  4. Upload photos by clicking on the “upload/insert” button above the text field (remember to click the “insert into post” button while you’re on the upload screen)
  5. * So that I can give you credit for your work, don’t forget to put your name in the title of the post