On choosing an artist:

Choose an artist from the list below for your upcoming Art Report and Artist Presentation.  The artists on this list all utilize CAD in their work.  Please consider the following as you make your selection:

– When you find an artist that interests you, it is strongly recommended that you do a preliminary search for information. Before making your selection you’ll want to ensure that you’ll be able to learn a good deal about the artist’s ideas and intentions.  In the best case scenario you’ll find multiple resources including the artist’s own writing, interviews, and/or reviews written by critics.  If the information is limited you’ll need to make a judgement call on whether you’ll have enough content to create a highly informative 5-minute presentation.

– Since this is a studio art course we’re looking to discuss meaning and the intellectual content of an artist’s work, but not all digital artists are focused on generating this kind of depth in their work.  Artists who are entirely commercially or technically focused would not be good selections.   Look for an artist who makes work with rich, thoughtful content.

– Remember that you’ll cover the same artist for your first Art Report and Artist Presentation.

– Once you have made your selection please email the artist’s name to EVERYONE in the class, CCing the professor.  Each student should choose a different artist and selections will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Guidelines and rubrics for the Art Report and Artist Presentation: 

Art Report

Artist Presentation


Contemporary artists who use CAD to create their work:

Anish Kapoor (see especially the work he’s done with 3-d printing)

Wim Delvoye (see especially his gothic cathedrals)

Kim Joon

Ed Atkins

Adam Martinakis

Ron Arad

Barry X Ball

Rebecca Strzelec

Roxy Paine (see especially his sumaks and dendroids)

Richard Dupont

Frank Stella (see his work with 3d scanning and 3d printing)

Scott Eaton

Kevin Mack

Eyal Gever

Tim Portlock

Norwood Viviano (see especially Recasting Michigan)

Stephen Cartwright

Kyuin Shim

Nick Ervinck


Andrew Scott (See Scott’s blog also)

Phil Renato

Aki Inomata

Michael Hansmeyer

Lionel T Dean 

Julian Mayor

Chris Bathgate

Joshua DeMonte

Elona Van Gent 

Aranda Lasch

David Van Ness

David Bowen

Andy Holtin

Paolo Ceric

Zach Dougherty

Horst Kiechle (see esp. his/her paper torso project)

U-Ram Choe

Helen Marten (see esp. her animation projects)

Jacolby Satterwhite

– – –

Bathsheeba (Not a good option for an artist presentation, but makes some technically interesting forms)